Organizational Effectiveness

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Organization Visioning
Facilitation of comprehensive visioning exercises to crystallize emerging vision within an organization through:

  • Fact-finding exercises among Board, Management, Staff, Experts in the Field, and the Community
  • Benchmarking on “what is possible?”
  • Vision development methodology to achieve a strong, clear consensus through the use of decision support technology
  • Facilitation and research to develop flexible strategic planning
  • Organization Design / Restructuring
  • Business Process Redesign

Organization Design/Restructuring
Consultation regarding organization or program level design and restructuring through:

  • Focus on needs of the consumers of the organization
  • Development of numerous organizational design alternatives based on a matrix of factors
  • Evaluation of alternative organization models
  • Implementation planning
  • Balanced Scorecard design and implementation

Operational and Functional Review
Conducting reviews related to the design, operations, leadership approach, business processes, and organizational capacity to achieve the desired goals within the desired value system:

  • Organization wide operational reviews
  • Targeted operational/functional reviews
  • Functional program reviews
  • Reviews alignment of operations and organizational approach and/or capabilities with desired results
  • Organization culture and climate assessments

Business Process Redesign
Facilitation of analysis and redesign of business and/or clinical processes (i.e. key work processes):

  • Identification of key business processes
  • Flowcharting and measuring key work processes
  • Realigning work processes with key strategies and values
  • Redesigning work processes to achieve efficient and effective work delivery

Program Development
Facilitation of development of programs and services through:

  • Program evaluation and operational reviews
  • Program business planning
  • Service and business process re-engineering techniques
  • Service or pathway development methods
  • Benchmarking and best practice strategies